26 Feb 2013
February 26, 2013

The Bare Land Condo Conundrum

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There has been a great deal of talk lately regarding bare land condos and just as much confusion amongst those that live in these types of condominiums. The reason for this is a recent judgment, commonly referred to as The Shores, which affects the way in which all bare land condominiums have to operate moving.. read more →

Most condominium corporations struggle with finding a competent, professional, and knowledgeable property management company. They often cycle through property management companies on a yearly basis, hiring one after another that does not satisfy their needs or provide professional service. This will be an ongoing issue as many property management companies are unable to retain competent.. read more →

07 Feb 2013
February 7, 2013

Condominium Insurance

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A condominium owner recently asked Pivotal Property Management the following question: “What type of insurance do I need to purchase for my condominium?” This is an excellent question! Many condo owners scrambled to ensure that they have the necessary insurance coverage after a recent fire  at Heatheridge Estates, an 80+ unit condominium complex on Edmonton’s south.. read more →

31 Jan 2013
January 31, 2013

Why are my Condo Fees so High?

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Condo fees are part of the lifestyle when an individual decides to enjoy the ownership of a condominium. Whether it’s an investment property or their own home, the condo fees are used by the condominium corporation to maintain the property and to protect all of the owners’ investment in the corporation. A primary responsibility of.. read more →

Fire safety should be taken very seriously by your condominium corporation. With the rash of recent residential building fires throughout Alberta, it has left many wondering how safe they really are. Your condominium Board will work closely with a property management company to ensure that not only your investment in the corporation is protected, but.. read more →