Your condominium corporation reserve fund should be the most important financial issue that concerns  your Board. The status of the reserve fund can drastically influence the value of your investment in the condominium corporation. Financial planning for your reserve fund should be a main focal point for your property manager. They should be able to offer.. read more →

10 Jan 2013
January 10, 2013

Non-Smoking Condominiums?

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The restrictions put in place by Alberta’s provincial and municipal governments in recent years has made it illegal to smoke inside public establishments, or even within 5 meters outside of such a building (in Edmonton). This seems to be a continuing trend with very little opposition from public opinion. With the apparent acceptance of these.. read more →

It is anticipated that, at some point, a condominium corporation’s Board of Directors will be faced with a legal challenge. The Board’s duty is to work as a team to ensure that their condominium corporation is run smoothly and is maintained to the highest possible standards. One of their main tools to ensure compliance and.. read more →