Condominium Corporation Management

Pivotal Property Management provides comprehensive management services for Condominium Corporations and ensures that your priorities are our priorities.

Some of the advantages your Corporation will gain through a partnership with Pivotal Property Management include:

  1. 1
    • Field concerns and questions from Owners and assist with those pertaining to The Corporation, the common property, By-laws, rules and regulations
    • Administer The Corporation so that all tenants, occupiers and Owners conform to the By-laws and Rules and Regulations, as per the direction of the Board
    • Provide input to the Board relative to the minutes for recording, preparation and distribution of Annual General Meetings, Board of Directors Meetings and extraordinary or special meetings
    • Attendance of monthly meetings of the Board
    • Attendance of the regular Annual General Meeting of The Corporation
    • Maintain a 24 hour emergency telephone service and deal with emergencies as per the Agreement
  2. 2
    Finance & Accounting
    • Annual Budget proposal with consideration of possible long term expenses to the Board
    • Maintaining accurate accounting for all of The Corporation’s accounts
    • Furnish monthly financial statements to the Board
    • Preparing checks on behalf of The Corporation
    • Offer pre-authorized debit services under The Corporation’s name to owners for the payment of condominium fees
    • Prepare statements setting forth the amount of any contribution due and payable in respect of a unit
    • Provide accounting for interest on arrears of condo fees and assessments
    • Mailing delinquency notices, reporting and pursuing appropriate courses of action on arrears, as per the direction of the Board
    • Assist in preparing Capital Reserve account recommendations for the Board
    • Facilitate the procurement in the name of The Corporation, term deposits, treasury bills and other securities from corporate funds, upon the instruction of the Board
    • Payroll preparation and accounting of all The Corporation’s employees
    • Prepare and mail assessment notices
    • Assist auditors in preparation of audited financial statements and tax returns
  3. 3
    Maintenance and Repairs
    • Securing contracts for maintenance & repair work
    • Monitoring of all contract work to ensure completion and due diligence of contractors
    • Facilitate the acquisition and installation of equipment, supplies and material needed for regular maintenance as required, upon direction of the Board
    • Frequent inspection of the Common Area by The Manager
    • Arrange for fire equipment inspection through accredited agencies
    • Preventative inspections by professionals when/if needed for common areas
  4. 4
    • Complete disclosure of provincial legislation that is known and may affect The Corporation
    • Assist The Corporation in the enforcement of the By-laws
    • Obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage as necessary and recommend changes and amendments
    • Prepare appropriate documents to notify the Alberta Land Titles office of Board member changes
  5. 5
    • Organize and prepare the Annual General Meeting which includes the compilation and preparation of notices, previous minutes, financials/year-end audit, proxies, ballots, agendas and Owner list
    • Maintain for The Corporation a complete set of files including the By-laws, plans and specifications, insurance policies, correspondence and invoices and all relevant documents as provided

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