As 2023 draws to a close, condo boards and property managers in Edmonton and Calgary have a unique opportunity to assess the current state of their condo corporation and set the stage for a successful year ahead. This comprehensive end-of-year checklist is tailored to ensure that buildings and boards are well-maintained, financially secure, and ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the new year may bring.

Financial Review and Budget Planning

  • Year-End Financial Statements
    Conducting a thorough review of year-end financial statements is the first crucial step. This process involves carefully scrutinizing all income and expenses to ensure accurate recording. Special attention should be given to the health of the reserve fund, addressing any discrepancies or concerns that may impact the financial stability of the building.
  • Budget Assessment
    A critical component of year-end preparations is evaluating the current budget’s performance. Identifying areas that may require adjustments for the upcoming year is essential, taking into account the unique financial considerations of buildings in Edmonton and Calgary.


Condo Maintenance and Repairs

  • Building Inspection
    A comprehensive inspection of the entire condo building is paramount. This step involves identifying any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks, considering the extreme weather conditions and environmental factors in Edmonton and Calgary. Once issues are identified, prioritization and scheduling are key to addressing them promptly and efficiently.
  • Seasonal Preparedness
    If you haven’t already, preparing the building for the upcoming winter season is vital, especially considering the challenging weather conditions in Edmonton and Calgary. This includes weatherproofing and insulation checks, as well as ensuring that heating systems, snow removal equipment, and emergency generators are in optimal condition.
  • Vendor Contracts
    Reviewing and, if necessary, renewing vendor contracts for maintenance services is essential, considering the specific needs and challenges that may arise in the climate of Edmonton and Calgary. Seeking competitive bids for services ensures cost-effectiveness and quality service for the building.


Communication and Community Engagement

  • Community Updates
    Providing residents with a year-end update on the building’s achievements and challenges fosters transparency, taking into account the unique community dynamics in Edmonton and Calgary. Communicating plans for the upcoming year creates a sense of community involvement and shared responsibility.
  • Resident Feedback
    Collecting feedback from residents through surveys or community meetings is a valuable practice, considering the specific preferences and concerns of residents. Addressing any concerns or suggestions demonstrates a commitment to enhancing community satisfaction.
  • Social Events Planning
    Planning end-of-year social events contributes to building community spirit and recognizing the importance of social connection of your condo community. Considering safety measures and, if necessary, incorporating virtual options ensures that residents can enjoy these events in a way that suits their comfort level.


Condo Legal Compliance and Documentation

  • By-Law Review
    Reviewing and, if needed, updating condo by-laws is a legal imperative. Ensuring that all residents are aware of any changes maintains transparency and adherence to community rules, considering any local regulations unique to Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Legal Compliance Check
    Confirming compliance with local regulations and laws specific to Edmonton and Calgary is crucial. Updating any required documentation, including contracts and agreements, ensures the building is operating within legal parameters.
  • Insurance Review
    Reviewing and updating insurance coverage for the building is a necessary step to mitigate risks. Ensuring that the coverage is adequate for potential risks and liabilities specific to the cities of Edmonton and Calgary is critical for the building’s financial protection.


Condo Technology and Security

  • Technology Assessment
    Evaluating the effectiveness of current technology systems is essential for enhancing security and convenience, recognizing the importance of modern security measures in urban environments. Exploring upgrades or new technologies that align with industry standards keeps the building at the forefront of security measures.
  • Safety & Security Protocols
    Reviewing and updating security protocols is crucial for maintaining a safe living environment, considering the specific safety concerns of urban living in Edmonton and Calgary. Ensuring that access control systems are functioning correctly contributes to the overall security of the building.
  • Emergency Preparedness
    Updating emergency contact information for residents and reviewing and rehearsing emergency evacuation procedures enhances the building’s overall safety measures, taking into account potential challenges unique to your condo’s specific community and location.


Sustainability Initiatives

  • Energy Efficiency
    Assessing energy consumption within the building is a step towards adopting sustainable practices, considering the environmental impact in Edmonton and Calgary. Implementing energy-efficient initiatives contributes not only to cost savings but also to environmental responsibility
  • Waste Management
    Reviewing waste management practices and exploring recycling programs contributes to the building’s environmental sustainability, recognizing the importance of eco-friendly initiatives in urban settings. Encouraging residents to participate in these programs fosters a sense of shared responsibility.
  • Green Spaces enhancement
    Evaluating the state of communal green spaces and planning for enhancements or landscaping projects contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and well-being of residents, recognizing the value of green spaces in urban living.


Future Planning

  • Long-Term Goals
    Discussing and establishing long-term goals for the condo building is crucial for its sustained success, considering the evolving landscape in Edmonton and Calgary. Considering improvements, expansions, or community projects helps create a roadmap for the future.
  • Reserve Fund Planning
    Evaluating the adequacy of the reserve fund and planning for contributions and potential large-scale projects ensures the building’s financial stability. Adequate funding of the reserve fund is essential for addressing unexpected expenses in the unique urban context of Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Professional Consultation
    Consulting with professionals such as property managers, financial advisors, and legal experts provides valuable insights into long-term strategies and improvements, considering the specific market dynamics in Edmonton and Calgary. Seeking professional guidance contributes to informed decision-making.


Your Condo Corporation Is Set For 2024!

By diligently working through this end-of-year condo management checklist tailored to Edmonton and Calgary, you’ll ensure that your condo building is well-positioned for success in 2024. Regular maintenance, financial diligence, community engagement, and forward-thinking planning contribute to a thriving and harmonious condo community in these vibrant cities. Here’s to a prosperous new year for your condo board and corporation!

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