As winter blankets Edmonton and Calgary in a layer of snow and ice, ensuring the safety of condo residents becomes paramount. Slippery surfaces, icy walkways, and snow-covered paths can pose significant hazards. In this post, we’ll provide valuable advice on how condo residents in Edmonton and Calgary can minimize the risk of winter accidents and prevent slips and falls in their communities.

Winter safety is a shared responsibility in condo communities. By taking proactive steps to ensure safe walking conditions and promoting a culture of safety, residents can enjoy the beauty of winter while reducing the risk of accidents.

Winter Hazard Awareness for Condo Residents

Understanding the unique hazards winter presents to condo communities is crucial.

  • Icy Surfaces
    Learn how to identify and address icy patches on walkways, parking lots, and common areas.
  • Snow Accumulation
    Recognize the dangers of accumulated snow, especially when it turns to ice over time.
  • Sidewalk Maintenance
    Understand the importance of regular sidewalk maintenance to prevent accidents.


Proactive Snow and Ice Removal for Condo Communities

Preventing accidents begins with proactive snow and ice removal.

  • Prompt Removal
    Condo communities should have a system in place for the timely removal of snow and ice from common areas.
  • Salt and De-Icers
    Properly use salt and de-icing materials to prevent ice buildup.
  • Walkway Clearing
    Ensure all walkways, stairs, and common areas are clear of snow and ice to provide safe passage for residents.


Selecting Safe Footwear and Clothing for Winter

Choosing the right footwear and clothing can significantly reduce the risk of falls

  • Anti-Slip Footwear
    Invest in winter boots and shoes with anti-slip soles for better traction.
  • Layered Clothing
    Dress in layers to stay warm while allowing flexibility and avoiding excessive bulk.
  • Gloves and Accessories
    Don’t forget gloves, hats, and scarves to protect against the cold.


Safe Walking Techniques for Condo Residents

Residents can take steps to walk safely during winter.

  • Short Steps
    Take shorter, deliberate steps to maintain balance and stability.
  • Flat Footing
    Keep your feet flat on the ground to prevent slipping.
  • Use Railings
    Utilize handrails when available for added support.


Reporting Winter Hazards in Your Condo Community

Encourage a culture of safety by reporting hazards to your condo board or management company.

  • Reporting System
    Familiarize yourself with your condo’s hazard reporting system.
  • Prompt Reporting
    Report hazards as soon as you encounter them, ensuring quick response and resolution.
  • Anonymous Reporting
    If available, use anonymous reporting options to protect your privacy while ensuring safety.


Snow and Ice Removal Tools for Condo Residents

Equip yourself and your residents with the right tools to address small hazards

  • Shovels
    Invest in a sturdy snow shovel for personal use, especially in entryways or walkways near your unit.
  • Salt or Ice Melt
    Keep a supply of ice melt on hand for immediate use.
  • Safety Gear
    Wear appropriate safety gear when removing snow or ice.


Common Area Safety Measures for Condo Communities

Condo boards and property managers can implement safety measures.

  • Proactive Maintenance
    Regularly inspect common areas for winter hazards and address them promptly.
  • Proper Lighting
    Ensure well-lit pathways to increase visibility during dark winter evenings.
  • Warning Signs
    Place warning signs in high-risk areas to alert residents to potential hazards.


Preventing slips and falls during winter is a collective effort in condo communities. By understanding the winter hazards, ensuring proactive snow and ice removal, wearing the right clothing, practicing safe walking techniques, reporting hazards, and equipping yourself with the right tools, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Condo boards and property managers also play a vital role in maintaining common area safety and fostering a culture of safety among residents.

As winter transforms your condo community into a snowy wonderland, staying safe and preventing accidents ensures that residents can enjoy the season to the fullest.

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